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Schema Tool's interface provides lots of flexibility. Users of Microsoft Visual Studio will find the interface very familiar. Illustrated below is the main window of Schema Tool when launched:


  1. Work Area - This is the tool's main work area
  2. Status Area - Check here to see what the tool is doing
  3. Tool Menu - This menu contains the tools used with Schema Tool

The utilities that Schema Tool provides are:

Comparison Compare Compares two schemas and illustrates the structural changes to root elements
xsdOpen View Schema Opens a schema and illustrates the structures (starting with the root elements) the schema contains
SchemaCopy Schema Copy Copies a schema and all dependencies. For example, if you copy schema a.xsd and it depends on b.xsd and c.xsd then those schemas are also copied

The Work Area

The work area is very flexible. Utility windows can be split, moved and docked in any manner that you wish. To move a tool window, simply select the title and drag your mouse, any valid drop area will be hilighted. The figure below shows how this feature can be useful:

If there are too many open windows, you can select an active window using the window list tool:


You may also rearrange the tool windows to better suit your taste:


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