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The schema differencer will compare two schemas and will illustrate the differences between the two schemas. To perform a schema diff follow these steps:

  1. Click File -> Xml Schema Diff
  2. When the "New Comparison" window appears set the "old" and "new" schemas by using the ellipsis button.


3. Press the compare button.

When the comparison has completed you will be presented with the comparison result window (shown below)


  1. Comparison Summary - Shows the complete structure of both files and annotates any differences
  2. "Old File" Copy - Shows the selected structure as it existed in the original file
  3. "New File" Copy - Shows the selected structure as it exists in the new file
  4. Current Change Summary - Shows details of the currently selected change

The colours of the difference tree illustrate what change has occured. The colour key is listed below:

  Removal Structure appears in the original file but not the new file
  Addition Structure appears in the new file but not the original file
  Child Changes Node at this level is the same (data type and name) however changes appear below this level
  Type Change The nodes have the same name in both files, however the data type of the node has changed
  Fixed Value Change The fixed value of the node has changed between the two versions

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