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The schema viewer allows developers to view schemas in a graphical manner. The schema viewer is illustrated below:


  1. XPath Creator - As you navigate the structure hierarchy, an xpath is built here. You can copy any node's xPath by right clicking on the node and selecting "Copy XPath"
  2. Root Elements - The schema viewer starts at the global schema elements level and shows all structure below
  3. Sequences / Choices - Sequences and choices (as well as XS:ALL) are shown in the navigator

The icons used in the schema viewer (and in the differencing tool) are similar to Visual Studio object viewer icons. They are:

sequence xs:sequence Represents a sequence of elements in a specific order
choice xs:choice Represents a choice (ie:choose one of) elements
any xs:any (or mixed content) Identifies that the contents of the element may be anything
property xs:element Represents an element (ie: <property/>)
attribute xs:attribute Represents a an attribute (ie: <property attribute="value"/>)

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